Logarithmic Axis for Simulation

This is for Simulation on DeFi Explore, so I am not sure if this belongs here, but here it goes anyway.

I would find it useful if there was an option to make the vertical access logarithmic. This would be especially useful for Price and CDP Profit but would also be useful even for CDP Ratio.

With a rapidly growing exponential assets like cryptocurrencies, a linear vertical axis makes it hard to see price changes near the start time. A logarithmic vertical axis ensures that an n percent growth near the start time is the same vertical size as an n percent growth near the end time.

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Should be easy to add a toggle I think. It would only make sense for the price axis, right?

I don’t think the date scale on the horizontal axis should be logarithmic if that is what you are asking.

By price axis, do you also mean the CDP Profit and CDP ratio scales on the vertical axis? Both the Price and CDP Profit grow exponentially, so I would definitely want both of those scales to be logarithmic. CDP Ratio doesn’t grow like that so shouldn’t be logarithmic. If it is hard to have both logarithmic and non-logarithmic scales on the same axis, but the range over which the CDP ratio spans is small enough that a logarithmic scale for it would still be readable.