Transaction history

Today we added the option of checking full account transaction history.

You can find it by switching to the History tab (from Portfolio) or by navigating to: DeFi Saver

The aim is to provide an overview of all transactions made by the logged in account, not just those that were initiated at DeFi Saver.

Note that the history loading may take a while for highly active accounts - give the app a minute or two in these cases.

Let us know how you like it, what we can do to improve it and please report any issues you notice.:raised_hands:

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First suggestion:

  • Filter out trash tokens (such as locked airdrops) by default, since they are now being picked up automatically.

Checking some accounts, that list should potentially include: KICK, AMB, MGC, MNE (1), MNE (2), VIDC, PUBG.

If anyone knows of others, please add to the list.

Thanks to Mammoth for this one.